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You’ve decided to build a new home—now you’re facing the important question of whether to build an off the plan spec home or go down the path of a bespoke home build.

While a spec home does offer a range of benefits, there are a few areas where they simply can’t compete with what a custom build can offer.

Never compromise on quality

If you value quality, a bespoke home build allows you to achieve a superior level of quality that simply isn’t possible in a spec home.

When you purchase a spec home, almost every feature of the home from its layout to the flooring, appliances and finishes are selected by the builder, with little to no input from you. The finished product will also be very similar, if not exactly the same, as other projects the builder works on.

In contrast, a custom home build grants you complete control over every element of the build. From your choice of building materials through to the individual fittings, fixtures and finishes used throughout the home, a custom build allows you to create something that is genuinely unique and executed to the highest standard.

Tailor your home to your lifestyle

No two families are the same, so no two houses should be the same—every family possesses its own unique dynamics and this should be reflected in their home.

A bespoke home build grants you the flexibility to design the optimal floor plan which maximises the space you have to work with, while always keeping functionality at heart. Every area of the home can be tailored to suit how your family lives from the way the home flows between zones, through to the finer details like your cabinetry, door handles, tiles and tapware.

The home can also be carefully designed to integrate perfectly into its surrounds by paying consideration to factors like the strategic positioning of windows to harness natural light and how the facade complements the streetscape aesthetic.

The home you want, in a location you love

Most home buyers looking to upgrade to their ‘forever home’ face the critical issue of affordability—quite simply, purchasing their dream home in their preferred location isn’t financially viable.

If you love the location of your current home, opting to knock down your existing home and build a custom-designed home in its place can be a more affordable way to attain the home you want, in a location you love. There’s no need to uproot your life and move to a new location and you’ll never need to compromise on any aspect of the home itself making it a win/win.

Create a home with true character

A bespoke build is the only way to create a home that is rich with character, one-of-a-kind and a true reflection of your personality. It grants you the creative freedom to integrate rare or unique features that simply can’t be accommodated by a spec home.

A bespoke home build makes it easy to incorporate that breathtaking feature window or oversized hand-carved entry door you’ve had your eye on. You could design your own temperature-controlled wine cellar room, request elevated ceilings with exposed rafters, or even a cantilever deck overlooking the pool—whatever it is that tickles your design taste buds, the possibilities are endless with a bespoke home build.

We live and breathe bespoke

At APC Build, we live and breathe bespoke. With three generations of experience building bespoke homes for families across Melbourne, we’ve refined our unique value management process which ensures you’ll be able to pack all the features you want into your custom-designed home to create something that is truly remarkable, without exceeding your budget.

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