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It’s not hard to find a builder to construct an ‘out of the box’ home design that delivers the basics in terms of functionality and style—the difficulty arises when you need a builder to handle something that bucks the trend.

If you’re trying to escape the humdrum of mainstream home design in preference of something left of centre that challenges the status quo of home construction and design, you’ll need a builder that thinks the same way you do.

At APC Build, we live and breathe bespoke, often taking on challenges deemed too difficult for other builders. Here are just a few examples of feats we’ve taken on that were anything but mundane…


Curves are undoubtedly a show-stopping feature that instantly add architectural flare to a home, creating a softer, more fluid and organic aesthetic. However, because they exit from the simple geometry of boxy modernist design, they are also notoriously difficult to work with.

Typically taking longer to construct, curved features require an extra degree of craftsmanship to be able to handle their non-standard nature and varying shapes, with the feat often proving too complex for some builders.

That’s not the case for us. Take this project in Fitzroy for example.

Applying a gentle curve to the ceiling of the upstairs kitchen and living area, we were able to inject a truly unique personality to the space while achieving a flawless finish.

Combined with contrasting angles, customised timber panel joinery, standing seam cladding and cantilevered metal shrouds, the result is an ultra-contemporary residence that is still comfortable and unassuming.

Bespoke everything

While ‘off-the-shelf’ is usually the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to approach a build, some homes call for a more customised approach to create the unique identity the owners desire—like this project we worked on in Port Melbourne where the design was largely driven by a preference for bespoke.

Based on a nautical theme derived from its bayside location, you shouldn’t be fooled by the traditional double fronted Victorian façade that greets you.

Instead, the interior of the home adopts a personality of its own, incorporating a series of bespoke features centred around arcs and curves like the impressive 1.5 metre circular window in the studio space that adds a strong sculptural statement, along with a floor to ceiling glass light well, custom joinery, a rounded feature bathroom, in-slab hydronic heating and a 4-metre high raked ceiling.

Making the seemingly impossible, possible

No two projects are the same and each presents a unique set of challenges. While some projects are more testing than others, few can present the challenges associated with a heritage extension or restoration.

This award winning project we did in Toorak where we altered the existing attic roof structure to create two bedrooms complete with ensuites, walk-in robes and study areas is an ideal example.

From the need to create openings in the heritage stone facade to install replica steel windows, to replacing the existing slate roof through the heart of winter while the client continued to live in the two levels below, the project presented challenges which couldn’t be accomplished using conventional building techniques alone.

Relying on our depth of knowledge in traditional construction techniques and master craftsmanship, we were able to perfect every element of the build, from the beautifully presented exterior of the home to the refined detail of the interior bespoke joinery fit out.

Melbourne bespoke home builders

At APC Build, we think outside the box as much as you do.

With extensive experience building bespoke homes and undertaking major residential extension and renovation works across Melbourne (including within a heritage context), we can confidently navigate even the most complex custom home project while showing you how to get the most value from your investment.

Get in touch to find out more or to discuss your plans for a bespoke project.




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