Rear Exterior


Custom Home Builders Northcote

APC Build’s renovation and addition project in Northcote is a stunning example of how a Victorian-era home can be revitalized and modernized while still preserving its original charm. The project involved adding a spacious and modern addition to the rear of the single-story home, complete with a large pool and plenty of space for the family to enjoy.

The front of the home was carefully repaired and rejuvenated, with attention paid to preserving the original character of the building. Meanwhile, the addition boasts a second floor that houses the family’s bedrooms and retreat, providing ample space for the entire family to relax and unwind.


Rear Exterior

The main living space is truly breathtaking in its spaciousness, with the huge kitchen serving as the focal point of the room. The kitchen features an expansive marble island and butler’s pantry, making it a dream for any home cook or entertainer.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the project is the way in which the new addition seamlessly blends with the existing home, creating a cohesive and harmonious design. The result is a stunning and functional space that perfectly meets the needs of the family while also honouring the history and character of the home.

Overall, APC Build’s collaboration with Chan Architecture is a shining example of how thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship can transform an old home into a modern and functional space that meets the needs of today’s families.



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