Custom Home Builders in Elwood

Nestled in the tranquil confines of this Elwood street our recently completed project redefines luxury living but also stands as a testament to the marriage of heritage restoration and contemporary vision.

The true essence of this remarkable project lies in its identity as a renovation and extension. Originally a 1960’s double brick building comprising of 6 flats, the transformation has proven to be our most difficult project to date. Through meticulous effort, the existing flats were stripped and their roofs removed, paving the way for the construction of two new penthouse apartments atop the newly refurbished flats.



In a striking addition, a 9-car, car stacker was ingeniously integrated, crowned by a distinctive two-story dwelling. The project’s scope extended to a complete overhaul of the existing facade and interiors, resulting in the re-invention of something old into something completely new & modern .

The depth of this project’s narrative can be found in the demands of logistical access and the complexities of retro-fitting and expansion.



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