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Considering building a new home? Why not build two? While it may sound a little ludicrous, it could prove to be the smartest decision you ever make. From affordability to location, lifestyle and design, a dual-occupancy build really does allow you to have it all. Here’s why…

It makes financial sense

The financial benefits are the most obvious perk of building a dual occupancy property.

While the upfront cost of building two homes may be higher than building a single stand-alone home, the key benefit is that you’ll ultimately end up with two assets instead of one. There are also ways to minimise your construction costs by incorporating shared features like an adjoining central wall or common driveway during the design process.

Provided the two homes are on separate titles, you have the option to live in one and sell the other to recoup some of your costs. Alternatively, you could choose to hold on to the second property as an investment and lease it out to generate an additional income stream.

Another popular option is to approach your dual occupancy build in collaboration with a family member or close friend. Pooling your financial resources makes it easier to fund the build, then you can each decide what you would each like to do with your respective properties once they’re completed.

Live where you want

In recent years, we’ve seen house prices reach sky-high levels in almost every major city around Australia, forcing many to let go of their dreams of building a family home in their preferred location.

If you want to live in a brand-new home, one option is to move to the outer suburbs or a less desirable location where land prices are cheaper and catalogue homes offered by volume builders are more affordable. However, if location is more important to you than size, a dual occupancy build makes it possible to live in a beautiful, brand-new home in a location you love.

With the option to sell or lease the second dwelling, the financial viability of building in a desirable suburb becomes significantly more feasible. Block sizes in older or more established suburbs are also typically larger than you’ll find in newer areas, allowing you to build a home that is spacious, functional and stylish that also provides ample outdoor space.

Low maintenance lifestyle

The daily juggling act required to successfully manage competing work, family and other commitments can take its toll and many of us to find ourselves both physically and mentally exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around.

If you’ve got better things to do with your spare time than spend it trying to keep your home up to scratch, you’ll love the low-maintenance lifestyle of dual occupancy living. Not only does the smaller square footage mean less cleaning, but because your home is brand new and custom-built to your specifications, it should only require the very basics to keep it looking its best.

No need to compromise

If you have very specific ideas about what you want from your home, there’s no need to compromise if you have the help of a good architect and a quality bespoke builder.

A dual occupancy build still allows you to customise your home to the same extent as if you were building a free-standing custom home design. With the flexibility to perfect every element of your home from the facade and floorplan to the fittings, fixtures and finishes, you can create a home of distinction that is perfectly tailored to your family and lifestyle.

We’ll guide you through the process

At APC Build, we have what it takes to transform your dual occupancy dreams into reality, whatever that involves—just take this dual occupancy project we completed in Brighton for example, which incorporated detailed joinery, floating staircases, feature travertine fireplaces and luxurious fittings and fixtures to create a sophisticated executive space.

We’ll provide a detailed cost analysis in the early stages of development so you have a thorough understanding of the financial viability of your dual occupancy venture and keep you informed throughout the various stages of construction.

If you would like to find out more or discuss your plans for a dual occupancy build, we’d love to hear from you. Simply contact our friendly team to get the ball rolling.




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